Sometimes you need to add something extra to an event and theming or decoration fits the bill. This may be a fully themed option .We have a creative team here at Royal Brother and love to put our heads together to come up with ideas that fit your event well. We work with the look and feel of the venue as well as your ideas and what you think will work well for your audience to create a theme that everyone will remember.

We design events from the moment your guests receive an invite right through to how they feel the day after the event. We look at the overall theme, from props to decoration and music to entertainment ending with the production. We also often style the staff so that they fit in with the theme of the event.

As a creative team we focus on the overall look and feel of the event and then also the little details as these are the points that make guests smile and what they really remember the next day.


Fine dining with excellent service and impressive culinary is extremely important to us. Just let us know and we will ensure that everything from the venue through to the flowers pull this message through in some way or format. Think crystal chandeliers, think high society and think complete transformations, Think Royal we can help with it all.


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