We are  a passionate, dedicated, energetic talented team specialized in full-service video production, PR, events , branding wrapped in full creative services, nurturing a client’s initial & creative idea through all the stages of development and production, to final delivery…

Ahmad Alsheikh

Managing Director

Ahmad overly friendly with Costa, blaming the promise of caffeine and the lingering smell of fresh coffee that wafts around us!! As a managing director, always formulating & successfully implementing Royal Brothers policy, Ahmad is responsible for business performance and contributing to the strategic direction of the company. He spends his days figuring out Royal Brothers future and making sure the company's work is as good as it can be, always the lookout for ways to challenge and disrupt business models to make them better.


The Best advice you can get is from our Godfather.

Ali Aljundi

Media Manager

Ali Love to smile & love to see the others smiling ...

As an Media Manager, he  is workaholic , social , creative & excellent negotiations skills, he will make sure that you  will be fascinated ..


He is thinking A lot , but doing more


Amr Khani

Creative Director

Amr is a passionate Director whose work is all about delivering the message in the most effective and creative way.

His work tends to join simplicity with beauty, and that's why he's always up for challenges in order to accomplish that vision

CINEMA is what he breaths, AIR is just not enough


Samran Abdel Salam

Visual Effect/ Director

Samran has the ability to stay focused in high-stress situations, thus allowing him to leads the creative, execution and production process from inception to completion. Our visual Effect / Director can tell you the story that you can see in the place you dream to be.


he likes taking photographs & his best advice: Take a break, step back, have a cup of tea. & don't forget to smile.

Sabine Fata-Imad

Marketing & Events Manager

Sabine heads the marketing & events department ensuring high customer satisfaction and an exceptional level of service.  Self-starter, energetic personal producer, detail oriented with high sense of urgency. Enjoys excellent planning, communication and organizational networking skills, multicultural sensitivity, cross functional with remarkable creative approach and innovative solution. Her work is done always with a lot of passion & entrepreneurial spirit.


Our Princess leads a very successful team with her magic stick on the right and her fatty coffee Mug on the left.

Omar Keilani

Creative Director

Omar his passion of Graphic Design has made him a highly motivated, adaptable, effective at managing multiple tasks, including, creativity, execution, conceptualizing, Design, Printing and Delivery of final product. our creative director is able to generate creative work in extremely fast-paced, by leading a super talented team of designers to deliver exceptional work for our clients.


He likes looking for the big picture but he ends up always with details & we don't have to forget his love to nuts.

Ayman Shash

Operational Director

Ayman is involved in ensuring that all of our projects work and operational activities happen to the high standards that we set ourselves and our clients expect. Our operational director enjoys working within a fast-paced environment he always make sure that Royal brothers has the best working environment & processes, satisfying internal & External stakeholders.


He likes Exploring & Running outdoor.

Mohamed Alkhawaja

Database & Web Developer

Mohamed started as a web and graphic designer then went into web development and database developing & currently he is  working as both designer and developer. he is specializing in developing beautifully crafted web-based solutions for our clients and  building lovely & amazing Database. Our web director designed many portals and websites as outsourcing in different categories and styles.


He loves to make sure everything works as intended & his big passion to the computer make him dream of it while sleeping.


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