Whatever your objective is, we assist you in achieving it. Our creative crew and with their innovative ideas, will deliver to you all the services that allow you observe your ideas on the screen. At Royal Brothers will make sure you have the right crew, talent & equipment not just in-house, we will provide from the best and proven suppliers in the Middle East.


We will make sure you have the right crew, talent and equipment to produce at global top standard

Our specialty projects are: TVC, Telefilm, TV Packaging, Documentaries Corporate films.

We love to tell stories in films - wherever they may be shown. If you want to document your project or have a great story to tell - let us help you deliver it to audiences in the Middle East and all around the world. Our documentaries have been aired in more than 40 countries and watched by millions and millions of viewers globally.


An important part of our service is to make sure, you are reaching the right audience and target group with the films we produce for you:

We will get you on TV, radio & Magazines;

we will make sure your message is delivered to the right people on social media.


We will develop formats and content to get your message across.


We have on-going relationships with most major ad agencies, and broadcasters in the Middle East. We cannot promise to get you a million clicks on YouTube - but we have managed many times...


Royal Brothers has the skills and expertise to devise and execute a brilliant PR/Publicity Campaign that will put your company on the map!

We’ll create your press campaign, write your press release, and distro to our extensive network of top editors, blogs, buyers, stylists & celebrities …


We Promote our expert Promotional Services to your specific needs. Our packages include, but are not limited to:


1. Implementing a formal pitch campaign and introduction of your product and/or company to ALL of the major media.

2. Press Release Writing & Distribution.

3. Formally critiquing your branding materials (media kit, post cards, website, etc.).

4. Building a viable media kit/promotional materials.

5. Outreach via our kick ass Press List for massive exposure.

6. Crafting well-designed Promotional E-Blasts to our data base.

7. Postcard/Media Kit/Sample distro to press and industry.

8. Celebrity Product Placement for brand exposure to industry insiders & celebs.

9. Social media Management.


You want a film to represent your company? Explain what you do? Show who you are? Spice up a presentation? Let us work with you on idea, script, production and distribution for classy and informative corporate films. If you have a 1-million- dollar-budget: great! If you have a lot less: no problem! Our producers and writers will find the right creative to accommodate your needs.

ROYAL BROTHERS has developed a sophisticated time lapse system that creates fascinating clips in crisp HD quality. Our time lapse cameras are solar powered, desert proofed and very competitive in pricing. We can capture your event or make your project grow in the course of hours, days, months or even years.




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