Press Events are right up our street. We love to get under the skin of your brand, product or business and to really understand the USPs and why the press should know about this. We do this by spending time with your team. By doing this we then understand the DNA of the product and business and can design an event that fully communicates this, highlights the selling points of the product or business and ensures that the event is successful.

We also know that press can be hard to persuade to the event as they have lots of invites to chose from. Therefore we work with your team to ensure that we have a strong lead up campaign and a good pull to get people there. Above all we need to ensure that once we have guests there that they leave the event with a glowing impression.


Every product is different, with its own style, personality and most importantly, its own consumers. That means every product launch event should be different too. we work first on the product, understand the brand values and right audience to pitch for the launch and then design the concept how to launch the product in right direction to hit the viewer's heart at the right place.

We can help you come up with innovative and creative ideas to entice guests to your launch and create a bigger impact than just the hard sell. Attention to detail is key for a product launch and we will look at every aspect, right down to color of the fascinator we are styling the waiters and waitresses with or the name of the cocktail your guests will be drinking. You want this event to be an event to remember and for it to be talked about for weeks and weeks to come. And the experience doesn’t end when the event finishes, royal brothers can help you work on an impactful cool down campaign that will leave a positive memory in your guests’ minds.


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