Whether it's small training programs or big conferences, producing the concept with the right venue and entertainment will give the touch of relaxation after the whole day of business conversations. No matter what the size, scope or the guest list for your corporate event; we will design and manage from decor, fabrication of the stage-setup, AV light & sound & entertainment etc. which will refresh your evening by the end of the day while enjoying drinks and meals. We assure genuine impact by delivering compelling live experiences.




    Let’s face it, sometimes the thought of a conference can really seem dull – however not at Story. We deliver some really brilliant conferences in unusual locations with proper content and engaging ideas. The main focus of the business is to deliver advanced technology solutions. The conference is designed to update guests on the company performance and inform them of the plan for the future. The format is anything but dull, with the bulk of the conference taking part on a boat, a treasure hunt using technology and social media around the city to encourage teamwork and analytical thinking and finally dinner at a top Dubai restaurant. The format of the day is interactive and forward thinking which reflects the company’s ethos to always be at the forefront of their industry and to design intuitive and surprising solutions for their clients.



    Whether you are looking for a fun team building challenge for an away day or an engaging element for a conference, we offer a range of unique and unusual creative corporate team building activities. Our approach to participation events team building is far from the traditional military-style muddy outdoor challenges, where teams need to negotiate an imaginary minefield armed with planks and beer crates, it’s clever, creative and engaging with your key messages at the forefront of the activity. Although if a muddy field is your idea of heaven, then we certainly arrange this!

    In fact, we are a lover of creating inspiring team building activities the great indoors, where our events can deliver a great atmosphere, camaraderie and entertainment, in any season and whatever the weather. When it comes, to team building, Royal Brothers offers a great range of event ideas, from Taxi Treasure Hunts to great ideas to add entertainment and motivation to conferences and dinners.


     Sports play an important part on our life, each of us love at least one sport and want to enjoy once in our busy lives. If you are planning to do sports events Royal Brothers provide our clients the services of booking the venue, fabrication, printing and installation, logistics, entertainment and equipment for setup



    Award Ceremony is the highlight of any company’s calendar. There is excitement and celebration but in order to make it memorable, there are unique challenges like choosing and designing appropriate venues, ensuring the best PR efforts, selecting appropriate entertainment acts and organizing after party. We not only specialize in all of the above but at Royal brothers we specialize in making the award ceremony more memorable than the previous year


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